LAST MONTH’S EPISODE BLOG: Worst of the Worst Pet Behaviour

Having completed her post-graduate qualification in Education, and now completing her post graduate Psychology degree, it’s all of this study that has allowed Laura to successfully help countless owners and their dogs across the world through her philosophy – dognitive therapy.

She’s studied in everything from Zoology to Genetics and Archaeology, the National Dog Trainers Federation Cert III in Canine Behaviour and Training.

Laura features regularly on our TV screens, from Channel 9’s Today Extra to Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens and Saturday Disney; and hosts weekly pet segments on 3AW, Magic 1377 and Australia Overnight; and she is a celebrity ambassador and presenter for The Dog Lovers Show in Melbourne and Sydney.

Her first book Things Your Dog Wants You to Know was recently published by Penguin Books to rave reviews and her second book Dognitive Therapy is due out early next year


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(2) Rufus & Coco presents Laura V animal behaviourist, is a monthly live webcast so if your question isn’t answered this time, tune in next month!

(3) As questions are answered live, Laura will try her best to answer as many as she can during the one hour session.